The Artist

Carl Winter was born in Zululand in 1949. His father immigrated to northern Rhodesia (Zambia) in 1953 where his interest in wildlife & African tribes became an obsession. Hunting & fishing along the Congo border for 44 years in unspoilt, raw central Africa leaves an indelible impression on anyone who had the fortune to experience the tropical savannas during the colonial & independence phases of Zambia’s rich heritage. He was widely exhibited at Holland & Holland (London) and many European & US galleries since 1975. The artist now resides in Northern Zululand where he works as a taxidermist and painter.

The Art

(Awaiting information from the artist...)

The Blog

This blog was created by CB (me) on behalf of Carl Winter (the artist) as the artist does not have the facilities or means to do this himself - he lives far from any sort of internet connection :)

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  1. Hi Carl,
    I am living with my folks and Jacob their younger son in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
    Think of you often.
    How are you doing?
    Mom has two paintings of your in her home. One is a lion, and the other is an impala.
    Trust you are doing well.
    Let me hear from you on my Mom's e-mail:
    We are talking a trip again to Zambia which would be Jacob, Mom, and me.